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The Brightlight class is our infant class with ages from 6 weeks to 12 months. These precious angels start the light process that will shine bright for all the other lights to build on. We work with each child on their individual schedules, and work on the children meeting their developmental milestones as the grow and develop.


Twilights and Starlights
We have two toddler classrooms. The Twilight class is for ages 12 months to 18 months. And the Starlight class is for ages 18 months to 2½ years. A star is defined as a tiny light, always changing, moving, and glistening. When the inspiration to shine is developed by a toddler, twilight and starlight are formed. The children have free choice in both toddler classrooms and teachers introduce their lesson plans throughout the day during play. We work on developing our fine and gross motor skills as we learn and grow.


The Moonlight class is our first Pre-K class with ages 2½ to young 3 year olds. A moon is defined as the most prominent feature in the night sky with no fixed place and varying with the formation that it takes. Since the children are transitioning from toddlers to “big kids”, this classroom is our introduction into our PreK program. The children are introduce to choice boards and behavior charts, and we encourage independence during daily routines such as pottying, washing hands, and eating habits.


Skylights and Sunlights
Our Preschool classrooms are the Skylight class for older 3 year olds and younger fours and the Sunlight class is for our 4 and 5 year olds that are getting ready for Kindergarten. The sun is defined as a shining celestial part of the sky that gives off heat and light. Preschool is compared to the sun moving and preparing for the next phase. This is the last wonder of God, and when the sky and the sunlight shines, Glorious Wonders has succeeded. We base our daily curriculum on the Kindergarten readiness skills and requirements used by the county school system. We want our children to be successful throughout their journey in “big school”.