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About Us

Glorious Wonders Childcare Center

Our Story

In 1998 God gave Blonda Anderson a vision to open a Christian Childcare Center while she was the Director at a corporate childcare facility.  Believing the vision and her desire for a Christian-based childcare, Blonda had a childcare facility floor plan drawn up.  However, her dream did not come to pass until 16 years later when she was given an opportunity to purchase Glorious Wonders Childcare Center in June 2014. 

Glorious Wonders Childcare Center is locally owned and operated. It is a full-time, year-round childcare center with programs for infants six (6) weeks to children five (5) years old in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We are not just a childcare facility — we are a preschool. Our goal and mission are to assist parents and families with the developmental and educational growth of their children in a safe, secure and loving environment. We strive to prepare each child for readiness in his or her elementary school experience. Because we are a Christian, Bible-based childcare center, our staff upholds and teaches Christian values with their words and lifestyle. 

Our Commitment to Parents

  • Support the parents of Glorious Wonders to aid in identifying the individual needs, interests and abilities of each child. 

  • Promote Glorious Wonders values to every child that enters and exits the facility through our program’s philosophy and objectives.

Our Philosophy & Mission

Glorious Wonders Childcare is a place where God sees every child as a star! 

At Glorious Wonders, our overall philosophy and mission is — excellence.  We see each child that has been entrusted to us as a unique individual.   Each child must develop and grow into an independent, responsible and caring adult.  This ideal is attained by being sensitive to each child’s emotional, intellectual and physical needs.  Each child’s learning choices should be challenging as well as fun.  We will continually strive to build a team of Teachers and Staff who are caring and dedicated to our Parents/Guardians and most importantly — our children.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team and teachers are highly experienced, caring individuals who are passionate about caring for the children and families Glorious Wonders Childcare Center serves.

Blonda Anderson, Owner

Blonda Anderson has served as the owner/operator of Glorious Wonders Childcare Center since 2014.  Previously, she was the Administrative Director at a 3-star franchised educational preschool for five years and served as a student ministry leader at her church for over 10 years, where she currently holds the position of Prayer Director.

As a wife, mother of two, and follower of Jesus Christ, Blonda has always felt a calling to help develop children into what God has designed them to be and to help them grow into people who are able to fulfill their God-given destinies.

Blonda defines her goal and mission for the children at Glorious Wonders Childcare Center to prepare each child for this world at the beginning of their lives by teaching them who they are, spirit, body, and soul. This is accomplished by –

Spirit—Tell them about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Soul—Give them knowledge through play and creativity.

Body—Exercise, dance, and dream.

Beverly Verge, Director

Beverly Verge studied Early Childhood at Motlow State Community College and has been the Director of Glorious Wonders Childcare Center since it first opened in 1997. Prior to that, she served as the director of LaPetite Academy for 7 years.  She has a total of 32 years of experience in the childcare field.

Beverly is a proud mother and mother-in-law to three outstanding young adults.  When she’s not at work, she has two beautiful granddaughters who keep her remarkably busy and loving it!  She is also very active in her church and community and serves as the primary caregiver to her bed-bound mother.

“I often tell people; I do what I do because God is my foundation. Without Him, I could do nothing. I consider it an honor and pleasure to be a part of your child’s educational experience.

What our Families Have To Say